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Wilmington NC House For Sale

Wilmington NC House For Sale

When looking for a Wilmington NC House for Sale or indeed any Wilmington real estate including land and foreclosures, this site offers the best insider tips.

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CNN and Money Magazine voted Wilmington NC 7th best place to buy real estate!

Wilmington NC experienced a staggering growth in the 1990s, ranking at one point as the second fastest growing city in the country, behind only Las Vegas. Economists have forecast growth in the Greater Wilmington area to be the fastest in the state, averaging 7% from 2004–2010.

Over the past decade, Wilmington North Carolina has become popular choice for families, retirees and real estate investors, relocating due to its growing economy, temperate climate and of course, the wonderful beaches.

If you need more reasons for finding a Wilmington NC House for sale, to buy, read on as I already live here.

Wilmington NC Real Estate

The Wilmington NC Real Estate market has continued to strengthen despite the continued real estate slump in the rest of the country. At the same time, real estate in Wilmington, NC remains comfortably affordable when compared to some other seaside real estate markets outside of Wilmington NC.

Barron’s estimated that 38 percent of Wilmington real estate owners are nonresident owners. Fortunately, property here remains surprisingly affordable when compared to some other coastal real estate markets outside of Wilmington

These days Wilmington NC Real Estate is one of the better investments opportunities in the country.

Wilmington NC New Homes for Sale

Finding Wilmington NC New Homes for Sale is easy with our services at Wilmington NC House for Sale. Our Network of Buyer’s Agents are experts in the Wilmington real estate market. With insider knowledge of builder’s reputations, local schools, and other area specific services to help you better evaluate your choices. We aim to help make finding a New Home for Sale in Wilmington NC simple and economical.

Whether you are looking for townhouses, condos, luxury homes, or investment properties or Wilmington NC Foreclosure, we invite you to use our services to find yourself the best Wilmington, NC New Home for Sale.

Wilmington NC Land for Sale

When it comes to buying Wilmington NC Land for Sale for your dream home, recreational purposes, or for investment there are some wonderful tracts of land in the Greater Wilmington area. It is essential to know more about these beautiful tracts of land, so as to avoid mistakes. This is where our local experts really come into their own with their specialized knowledge of the Wilmington area and conditions. You will need to check out local utilities as well like electricity and water as well as a myriad of additional factors. We urge you to make use of our services when looking for Wilmington NC Land for Sale to avoid costly errors and find the best deals. Always a great alternative to searching for a Wilmington NC House for Sale.

Wilmington, NC Foreclosure

Wilmington NC Foreclosures as well as Wilmington NC Short Sales have become more available as the US economy changes. Whilst the Wilmington area has just been listed as number 6 in National Home Values, the number of Wilmington NC foreclosures has climbed a little higher.

New data shows the numbers of foreclosures in Wilmington has increased with this current troubled economy. At the end of October, 421 homes were under foreclosure within the Wilmington City limits. A recent study estimates that 2% of all the homes in the city are 3 months behind in their mortgage payment.

According to the National Association of REALTORS, more than 30% of all sales in USA, in the past few months have been foreclosed, short sales or distressed situations. This is pretty similar for Wilmington NC foreclosures and Wilmington Short Sales.

What does this mean? It means now is a great time to and get a house at a great price. Whether you’re looking for a primary residence, an investment property or an opportunity to buy and fix up a home, there has never been a better market to purchase a foreclosure in Wilmington NC. Foreclosure properties however present certain difficulties for anyone not accustomed to the foreclosure process, If you’re interested in purchasing Wilmington NC Foreclosures or Wilmington NC Short Sales, we invite you to contact us today and consult with a Wilmington NC Foreclosure specialist.

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